Southern Star Commercial Pontoons
Southern Star Commercial Pontoons are made custom to your order. Our flagship products are pontoon boats for the rental industry. Our fiberglass pontoons are durable and are topped with a sturdy fiberglass deck and overall commercial construction. We have commercial rental units in use in many southeastern locations.
   Designed by Prasad Pitla
Mid-size commercial boats are available for a variety of purposes. They serve well for camp transport and fun, diving expeditions, or wildlife observation. Custom furniture is available from diving equipment bays to bench seating.
Our large commercial boats generally use the Magnum and Jumbo pontoons. We have the capability to obtain US Coast Guard certification for the Lakes, Bays, and Sounds category. We can build boats up to 48' in length. Final certification depends on the configuration and equipment, but our 32' models generally certify for between 22 and 25 passengers
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